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Preparation for Exam 

The patient must follow special diet the day before and the day of the

PET scan. This diet restricts carbohydrates and sugar consumption. This

is for the cells to absorb the tracer for accurate test results. Click 

to download a copy. 

Patient Check-in

The patient is required to fill out necessary paperwork and consent form for the test. We will need copy of your picture ID and insurance card. 

The Whole Body Exam

The patient is injected with a radioactive tracer (which is a biologic substance that is similar to glucose and a small amount of radioactive material) called Fludeoxyglucose (F18) or FDG. Since the injection is a radioactive glucose there are no side effects. After the injection, the patient is to relax for 60 minutes to allow the tracer to distribute throughout the body. 


The patient is instructed to empty their bladder and remove any metal. The patient is positioned on the table for the scan from the head to thighs. The scan time depends on your height and weight which is 15-20 minutes. After the scan, the patient is released and able to resume normal diet and activities without restrictions.



Your images are interpreted by a local Radiologist and the report is sent to the referring physician within 2 business days. Your referring physician will review your results with you at your next appointment, until then we are not able to give you the test results. After your physician has explained your results, you may receive a copy of your records.

Brain Scan- after injection you will wait for 30-45 minutes for tracer to distribute through the brain and the scan time is about 10 minutes. 

Whole Body-  The scan time is approximately 15-20 minutes (varies due to height and weight)

Full Body- The scan time is approximately 35 minutes (varies due to height and weight ).

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